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How Response Works
Response is a wireless system, integrated into Microsoft Office. It requires no special skills. The presentation software is Microsoft PowerPoint compatible. It collects results from all members of the audience and saves them on a hard drive. This produces a data file that can be used to make full-scale analysis, cross-references, or just find out details of a single voter's choices. Results are displayed on-screen in real time which gives the opportunity to activate the audience. Afterwards it is easy to check which user used which polling handset to produce detailed reports quickly and effectively.

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>> Various Poll Types

Besides a traditional multiple choice poll, you can choose a grading, ordering, or multiple round poll.

>> Powerful Software for Office Suite

Integrated in the familiar Microsoft Office suite, the Response requires no learning of new special skills.

Detailed Logging

A results file is saved on the computer's hard disk for every poll.

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