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The Response system makes it effortless to arrange multiple choice or level exams in real time. Whether the target is in primary or secondary education, high school, polytechnic or university, Response is an easy way to check the knowledge level during a lecture or a class. It is simple for the teacher and the student. Due to the portable and wireless technology, exams can be arranged anywhere. Results and correct answers can be displayed right after the test, thus improving learning and remembering.

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How Response Works

Response is a wireless system, integrated into Microsoft Office.

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Response invites the audience to be active.

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In our introductory IT class, it has often been difficult to match the starting level to the students' needs.

It is often said that young people know computers better than anything.

But when we used Response to find out how it really was, it turned out that only a quarter of the students thought they had very good skills. Half thought they knew how to use the net and e-mail, and some word processing. One quarter knew just the basics about internet and e-mail.

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