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Stora Enso Plc

Case study: Stora Enso Plc
Stora Enso Plc is the world's leading manufacturer of paper and board, with a turnover of more than 12,200 million euro in 2003. The Stora Enso Group employs about 43,000 people in more than 40 countries. The company's production capacity in 2003 was 15.7 million tons of paper and board, and 7.4 million cubic metres of sawmill products. Stora Enso is listed in the exchanges of Helsinki, Stockholm and New York.

The Stora Enso business development programme "Excellence 2005" is used globally throughout the Group. On-going, systematic improvements have brought us e.g. four Finnish Quality Awards. The analytical part of Excellence 2005 is a self-assessment to recognise a business unit's current state, its strengths and improvement opportunities.

Thanks to the Response system, scoring of self-assessment and prioritising improvements is now easier. The system helps assessment and brings new kind of interactivity in evaluation meetings.

Participants can independently express their opinion and select the preferred improvement targets. Results are visible immediately, and it is easy to continue processing the data later.

The system is also used in various trainings and other occasions for quick evaluation and participant satisfaction surveys. The possibilities are endless in personnel feedback and customer satisfaction surveys.

Aniitta Seppänen
TQM Specialist
Stora Enso Plc

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In our introductory IT class, it has often been difficult to match the starting level to the students' needs.

It is often said that young people know computers better than anything.

But when we used Response to find out how it really was, it turned out that only a quarter of the students thought they had very good skills. Half thought they knew how to use the net and e-mail, and some word processing. One quarter knew just the basics about internet and e-mail.

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