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Case study: Net Effect Oy
Net Effect produces various research, training, and consulting services for demanding quality-aware expert organisations in the third sector. Our challenge is, not only to constantly maintain and develop our own expertise, but also to offer new kinds of innovative tools for our clients.

The Response system has proven to be an excellent tool for creating new ways of interactivity in groups. For example, it has opened many deadlocks in workplace development situations or organisational strategy meetings, as managers and other personnel have been able to take part anonymously. This has created a basis for open discussion of further actions. The system has also created a new activating way of carrying out development projects, even when the number of participants is high. By voting, each participant is actively taking part in the decision making process. This has great importance when a strategy is implemented and converted to actions.

In training, the system is an excellent tool to find out the knowledge level of participants. This makes it easier to "tune up" the issue at hand so that it is suitably challenging. Also, collecting feedback or measuring changes in attitude or knowledge level has become significantly simpler.

Finally a word from a non-technical user. The best thing in Response is its effortlessness and ease of use. One person can easily both carry out the training and use the equipment. As hands-on experience grows, using Response does not differ from showing a regular PowerPoint Presentation. I can sincerely say that Response is well worth a try.

Petri Uusikylä
Net Effect Oy

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Ministry of Defence of Finland

The Ministry of Defence of Finland made use of the Response system in summer 2010 in SuomiAreena, an innovative public debate forum. The annual event offers an opportunity to discuss the future of Finland and Finns, Europe, and the key issues of the world today.

The Ministry of Defence’s main theme in this year’s debates was the change in national defence. The hosts of the debates presented the audience with questions regarding the theme. The responses of the audience were displayed on public viewing screens immediately.

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