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Various Poll Types
Response gives you a variety of different polls. Besides a traditional multiple choice poll, you can choose a grading, ordering or multiple round poll. Each poll type comes with a selection of graphical display modes that can be used to visualise and emphasise the results. It is also possible to create a fully customised poll type using Microsoft Excel integration, which gives you all the charting and spreadsheet possibilities of Excel. You may also create totally automated polls that start automatically and end after a preset amount of time.

Multiple Choice Poll

In a multiple choice poll, the audience has 2 to 10 alternatives from which to choose the best one. The results can be displayed as number of votes, percentage, horizontal or vertical bars, or a pie chart. Correct answers can be predefined, so that they can be highlighted in the result display. As with all other poll types, display colours may be chosen freely to customise the poll according to the needs and preferences.

Multiple Round Poll

The multiple round poll works the same as the multiple choice poll, except that each voter may give his or her vote to more than one alternative. The poll proceeds through a maximum of ten rounds. After all rounds have completed, the total results are calculated. Just like in the multiple choice poll, results can be displayed as number of votes, percentage, symbols, horizontal or vertical bars, or a pie chart. Results can also be hidden, or limited to just those alternatives that received most votes. Results can be compared with the ones of a previous poll, displaying both present and previous results.

Ordering Poll

In a ordering poll, each voter determines the order of preference of the alternative answers. Results are displayed as a ranking list or as symbols. Results may also be displayed for each polling round. The ordering poll can be used in a so-called exclusive mode where each alternative may only receive one rank. In this case, already ranked options are locked after each round so that they can no longer be voted for.

Grading Poll

In a grading poll, the audience grades the alternatives using a certain scale. There are seven possible scales; 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, 1-5, 1-6, 1-10, and 4-10. The results can be displayed as average grades or symbols. Standard deviation can also be displayed for each option, together with the number of votes. Just like with other poll types, results can also be hidden from the audience. This way they may be examined without the audience knowing them in advance.


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