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Powerful Tool for Business Analysis
Thanks to its real-time features, the Response system is a handy tool for business analysis. Automatically calculated, real-time results make it easy to arrange e.g. EFQM, Malcolm Baldridge, or SWOT analyses. Discussion is easy during or after the analysis. Data analysis is left to the computer, which produces finished results ready to be presented to the audience, with no extra effort or separate presentation sessions.

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Response is a wireless system, integrated into Microsoft Office.

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Good Graphics Back Up Results

The Response software produces clear and impressive charts and reports.

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Stora Enso Plc

Stora Enso Plc is the world's leading manufacturer of paper and board, with a turnover of more than 12,200 million euro in 2003.

The Stora Enso Group employs about 43,000 people in more than 40 countries. The company's production capacity in 2003 was 15.7 million tons of paper and board, and 7.4 million cubic metres of sawmill products.

Stora Enso is listed in the exchanges of Helsinki, Stockholm and New York.

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