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Powerful Software for Office Suite
Response works together with the familiar Office suite. It requires no special skills of the user. Knowing how to use PowerPoint is all you need. The software works effectively regardless of how big the audience - the number of simultaneous users may rise up to several hundred. You can create interactive presentations in a breeze; it takes no more time than producing a regular PowerPoint slide show.

Polling Module

The presentation software integrates into Microsoft PowerPoint which makes it quick and easy to create elegant presentations that keep up the audience's interest. The easy-to-use programme includes four poll types; multiple choice poll, ordering poll, grading poll, and multiple round poll. Each poll type is customisable and gives you a variety of different graphic display modes. For example, you may display the results of a multiple choice question as a pie chart, or use graphics to present the standard deviation of all graded alternatives. Polling Module lets you decide the content while bringing look and feel into your presentation.

Response Council

A complete package designed for council work, fit for both large and small councils. Response Council includes open and closed voting, with Ay, Nay, and Absent as alternatives. Response Council also displays the number of voters absent, and in an open poll, the names of voters. It can be used in a multiple choice mode to inspire conversation, so that results are displayed as percentage or number of votes. Response Council is a packaged set that requires no additional software.

Polling Display

Integrated into Microsoft Excel, Polling Display enables real-time analysis of results. Among others, EFQM, SWOT and other self-assessment techniques are much faster than before. As results are simultaneously displayed for both analysts and the audience, evaluation and feedback for improvements is quicker and more efficient. There is no need for a separate feedback seminar. Polling Display also makes it possible to create custom polls tailored for your needs, because all the chart and spreadsheet functions of Microsoft Excel are at your fingertips.


For later analysis, polling results can be exported to Reporter. With Reporter, you can examine a poll even at a level of single votes. The audience can be grouped by background variable, and you can cross-tabulate to examine the results. The results can be displayed as percentage or number of votes. Or you could create impressive graphics out of the decisions made in a poll. For even further analysis, you can export the results into Microsoft Excel where the possibilities for creating charts and analyses are almost limitless.

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Besides a traditional multiple choice poll, you can choose a grading, ordering, or multiple round poll.

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Being wireless, the Response system offers an easy way to participate for everyone present.

Response Is Clear & Simple

Integrated in the familiar Microsoft Office suite, the Response system is easy to use and requires no learning of new special skills.

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The Response system has proven to be an excellent tool for creating new ways of interactivity in groups.

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