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Response offers two wireless solutions for voting and collecting feedback, infrared and radio frequency. Whichever your choice, data is transferred quickly and reliably. You can switch between these techniques if necessary, as Response software if independent of the wireless selection.

Response Infrared™

Response Infrared is bidirectional, which means that the controlling computer sends a confirmation back to a handset after a key is pressed on the handset. This guarantees totally error-free data transfer between the handset and the computer. Response Infrared is very fast - processing input from a hundred handsets takes less than two seconds. The technology has been in use for years and is very reliable.

Response Radio™

Response Radio is the new technology that makes use of radio frequencies. This solution is best for large occasions, making it possible to work with an audience of even 5,000 people. Big numbers don't mean slow motion - Response Radio can collect a thousand votes in two seconds. Thanks to the two-way technology, results are totally reliable. Solid, errorless technology means that it can be used in large outdoor occasions, such as stadiums or sports fields.

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>> Various Poll Types

Besides a traditional multiple choice poll, you can choose a grading, ordering, or multiple round poll.

Flexible & Customisable System >> Flexible & Customisable System

Being wireless, the Response system offers an easy way to participate for everyone present.

Response Is Clear & Simple

Integrated in the familiar Microsoft Office suite, the Response system is easy to use and requires no learning of new special skills.

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Ministry of Defence of Finland

The Ministry of Defence of Finland made use of the Response system in summer 2010 in SuomiAreena, an innovative public debate forum. The annual event offers an opportunity to discuss the future of Finland and Finns, Europe, and the key issues of the world today.

The Ministry of Defence’s main theme in this year’s debates was the change in national defence. The hosts of the debates presented the audience with questions regarding the theme. The responses of the audience were displayed on public viewing screens immediately.

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